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We booked a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines in February. While waiting for for our connecting flight in Orlando, a TSA officer committed suicide by jumping off a balcony of the Hyatt Hotel which connects by an Atrium of the airport.

Passengers waiting to be checked in ran from the scene and raced past checkpoints. This caused a security breach and total Airport lockdown. Every one was required to go back to security to be re-checked. This was approximately 11,000 people. It took 4 hours to get every one out of the airport before re-scanning could begin.

By the time we made it back to Southwest gate area (2:30 pm) we were supposed to be boarding our Cruise ship in Ft. Lauderdale. The ship was leaving port at 3 pm. We called Carnival and explained the situation and asked that they hold the ship. They said no.

We filed a claim with Aon on the basis of a “security breach” and Airport shutdown in Orlando. We were denied a refund.

We are currently refining a claim. I’m sure that TSA suicide is not specifically mentioned in the Insurance Policy, but we missed our Cruise through no fault of our own and I think we should be reimbursed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aon Claim.

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I won’t use AON again, that’s for sure. They take ETERNITY!! I’ll gladly pay more for insurance to a better, more prompt company!


I had a similar experience with carnival cruise line. You really need to read all the fine print in their contracts which takes several hours and with the aid of an attorney to fully understand what you are signing.

This is true with other companies as well and is intensionally made difficult to cover themselves and screw the consumer no matter what the reason And that’s perfectly understandable because most of our law makers are lawyers, insurance agents, or the recipients of campaign contributions from powerful business interests and lobbyists who protect the interests of big companies, not you and me. I am not trying to turn this into a political debate. However, I have been a politician, a businessman, consumer, and victim of unfair business practices. My feeling is that we need to elect lawmakers and other public officials who truly represent the common man and woman, and who are not afraid to stand up to big business of all kinds in our behalf.

As much as I hate the way our president talks and swaggers back and forth about how great he is, at least he is working for us and could care less about what powerful business or political interests think or do to pressure him into being one of the good ole boys. He knows how the games are played, has a big enough ego, and is strong enough and rich enough to tell them where to go when they try to work their self serving magic. And that includes other nations and governments as well that have been been taking advantage of America and past trade practices that places our nation at a disadvantage in global commerce. I just hope that President Trump will look at Carnival Cruise Line and other companies who are out to screw consumers when they interject all that very small print into their business agreements with ordinary people like you and me.

Sorry, didn’t mean to go on so long. Bill Squillace Rockport, Ma


These Trump people worship him like God. He's just a man.

He bleeds, *** and *** s just like every other person in this world. He'll be gone soon and these same people will be complaining about how democrats are the curse and bane of the world like idiots.


The disconnect of the post above is unbelievable. The man with the gold toilet, who went to 1st grade in a limo, had a monthly allowance as a teenager higher than most Americans make in a month, dodged the draft 5 times, etc., DOES NOT and NEVER WILL understand or be like the average American consumer.

Trump clearly doesn't understand global economics or trade policies, so the worst of him is yet to come when his tariffs take effect. The American consumer is going to pay dearly for the man child squatting in the White House.


I am a consumer and do feel bad that you couldn't take advantage of a very expensive and perhaps, very much needed vacation. I so sympathize with you. But, please know that the President does not care about you.!


So, that doesn't come close to all of the weird stuff that I have had to go through while riding Greyhound Bus lines.


Guess next time you will 1) drive or 2) leave more time - the fact you decided to cut it close also isn’t in your insurance documents but who’s fault is that? Oh I’m sure you’ll blame that on Aon but it’s your own misguided mistake - I’m sure you’ve done it before and it’s worked but not allowing for anything to happen and cause a delay is only YOUR issue - what if it was weather that delayed your flight, would that be Aon’s issue too?

I’m glad they denied your claim - and with you “refining” your claim I hope you don’t fine gasoline either (who refines a claim? Oh an idiot, here’s a hint, maybe you should REFILE your claim next time)


It’s very clear who the idiot is here.


What a jerk