I read these negative services and wonder did they follow the instructions or did they just expect everything gets covered without any effort on their part. My wife and I were on a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise on RC.

On the 5th night wife became extremely sick and dehydrated due to an allergic reaction to medicines. She was a recent double lung transplant recipient and this was to be our celebration. My wife was put ashore in Belize City, Belize and spent 4 nights in their hospital. While the people in the hospital and Belize were very friendly and concerned they do not have very limited medical resources and my wife's condition was way over what they could handle.

So this is where Aon begins to come in, my wife required to be emergency air transported to Orlando FL...cost for this was $25,000.00. Aon found Med transports that would do it for $30, 500.00 which meant I would have had to come up with $5,500.00 before they could even schedule the flight. I reached out to friends stateside and located the funds as we did not have that kind of money, at the same time, I was not aware AON was also continuing to search and did locate an Air Medivac for the $25,000. That was the smoothest ride ever, I am also an EMT and could recognize the excellent medical treatment my wife received.

So the entire trip to get her to the hospital was covered including the onshore expenses for me such as food, international calls, and extended parking at the cruise terminal. Oh did I mention my wife's Wedding, Engagement, and 25yr. anniversary rings were stolen from our room safe while we were being transported to Belize from the ship. Over $13,000.00 in rings which AON covered the $1,000.00 deductible not covered by my homeowners insurance.

Now we still have the vacation cruise where we lost 2 nights, this too was compensated for. This was all paid with one submission of paperwork, it took me almost 6 MONTHS to acquire all the paperwork as there were other insurance carriers involved mostly regarding my wife's rings. AON covered all costs for bot myself and my wife within 30 days of submitting the paperwork and receipts per the agreed to terms and conditions. They are fantastic and even called just to check how my wife was doing while she was in the Belize hospital.

Being in a 3rd world hospital is about the most scary situation you can be in, they demand cash and if you don't have it they throw you out on the street, I know they tried it became very scary for awhile. So this is the second time we have had to use AON and they covered all costs each time just as efficiently with superior friendly service. I AM NOT BEING PAID OR COMPENSATED FOR THIS REVIEW IN ANYWAY.

I just believe in giving credit to a company that will go above and beyond on their service. Sincerely, Dennis Morgan

Product or Service Mentioned: Aon Affinity Travel Insurance.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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